About Me

I live in Peckham, South London, and have a commitment to practising here. 

believe that we flourish when we are part of a community, and when we feel connected to nature. Even in the city where the flow is so anonymous, there is a thriving network of people who believe in looking after the earth, sustaining ourselves and our life force, with ceremonies, celebrations and personal healing when we need it. 

How I came into the spiritual path:

As a child I constantly had the feeling of being split. Sometimes I would feel the presence of spirit so clearly, and at other times, I would be in utter darkness and despair. In trying to overcome this split and lead a creative life, (I trained as a film maker) I went into psychotherapy and group work, which did a lot to help me understand my story and my patterns but at the end of ten years, I still felt less than whole.

In 1997, I experienced a series of bereavements, that came as a wake-up call, a call to be fully in life. I started with dance, ceremony and connecting with spirit through nature. This led me to shamanic practice, which felt like a homecoming for my soul. I didn't expect to become a practitioner, in fact the thought frightened me because it would be such a big break from what I had known before.

Around 1999 I met Dawn Russell (Eagle's Wing) and she became a teacher and healer to me for the next ten years.

I started to feel the call to work with other people, it was an idea that came in dreams, people would ask me for help, and eventually I accepted my path. In 2001 I trained in the U.S. with Sandra Ingerman, Nan Moss and David Corbin, teachers from the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.

I have been working since then with trance and ceremonial healing methods and have created my own practice, following the guidance of spirit. I have worked with hundreds of people, many of whom come back many times over the years as they go through life changes. 

I met healer and teacher Miahuatzin Yvonne Buendia Sanchez in 2004, and undertook an apprenticeship in Mexican Medicine and the philosophy of the Mexihkas. I am now a practitioner and teacher of the Mexican Medicine. I have recently completed teaching an apprentice group in Athens and am building a practice in the South of Spain, where I have family too.

I have worked with William Bloom in Glastonbury and London, and am a Spiritual Companion (see Williambloom.com). One among many things I share with William is a commitment to building networks and communities of equality, so that we can all have company and spiritual presence even with all our diversity of tradition, culture and perspective. 

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