Healing the Soul and Spirit

Soul Retrieval

Having a soul retrieval is a deep and powerful experience and needs time to integrate and to feel the benefit. There is a good description of the process in Sandra Ingerman's book Soul Retrieval, and I recommend anyone researching to read her book.

Preparation: I recommend no alcohol (or any mind or mood altering substances unless prescribed) for a period of three days before and after the session.

The healing takes place through drumming journeys and dialogue with spirit. The emphasis is on self-empowerment, feeling energised and more whole. The aim is to move on from trauma and stuck patterns, rather than to re-experience them. 

In every case I invite you to contact me about twenty days after the session, or before, to see how the integration is going and to check in on any issues that may be coming up.
Ancestral Healing
Sometimes we find that the source of our imbalance started in our families generations ago (alcoholism, displacement, traumas created by slavery and racism), and it is not enough just to work with ourselves and present life conditions. We can undertake ceremony to heal and release ancestral patterns, so that we are free to live in the now.

Talking in the Presence of Spirit

If we are witnessed with compassion, wisdom and insight, this can bring a profound form of healing. Simply talking and being listened to in a spiritually connected, conscious space is transformative, especially if there has been soul loss as a result of criticism, judgement and rejection. 

Fee structure: I offer a sliding scale, to ensure that sessions are accessible to everyone. Contact me for more information and to discuss your situation.